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Master Scott Palangi:



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Dear Friend,


Hey, I’m Scott Palangi… a Bergen County Kickboxing & Fitness trainer and weight loss specialist.


And even though you may not know me, or perhaps even heard of my accomplishments with my clients… Here’s the deal… Plain, and simple:amanda-g-before-and-after


I GUARANTEE you’ll reach your fitness and weight loss goals with my program or I’ll give you ALL your money back cuz’ if you don’t reach your goals with us I don’t want your money. How can I make such a bold guarantee?



Simple… Over the past 23 years I have been helping men and woman hit their “target weight”… and… the best part is… there is absolutely ZERO guesswork — meaning: I use SCIENTIFIC WORKOUT FORMATS THAT WILL FORCE YOUR BODY TO BECOME A FAT-BURNING MACHINE. Now, what I mean by “scientific” is simply this:


1) I use a protocol that involves BOTH “cardio” (getting your heart rate up where it needs to be for health benefits AND for the fat-burning effect.)

2) and “resistance” training (using real, live, steel, Dumbbells — not ridiculous rubber bands, or some pseudo-weight training equipment — and I show you EVERYTHING! Like even which weight to grab…. how to move the darn thing… when to move it slower… when to switch it up when you get tired, and so on — in a way that practically forces the fat that’s marbled between your muscle fibers, up to the surface, to be burned for energy (okay, that’s not actually what happens, but you get the idea.



In fact.... get this...

You see those photos to the right over there?

That’s a real class.

No models…


No backdrop…


No posing…


And no props.



Heck, my clients didn’t even know we were doing a shoot that day… and, as you can see, they clearly forgot to wear makeup. I am an “open book” and I challenge you to find a trainer, a club, or a fitness “franchise” who can make such a bold move by showcasing their real “product”… in action! (more about that later) The point of all this bragging?

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I Train You To Create The Best Body You Can Possibly Have Given Your Personal Set of “Genetics”


Yes, and I will train you… no different than if you hired me to train you personally, one-on-one… but I do it in group format so that you don’t get bored.


And listen, I’m not one of these trainers who use generic fitness routines… having you follow me around the gym… holding a clip board, checking myself out in the mirror, and go on and on telling you about our my personal life during your workouts.


There’s no time for that malarkey and I resent trainers and clubs who allow that crap to happen. I do one thing…


I GET YOU INTO SHAPE by using cutting-edge workouts that have been proven by science to make you lose fat and get toned-up as FAST and as SAFELY as possible.


If you’re like most people who want to lose fat and get into shape you probably feel like you don’t have the time or motivation to get to your fitness goals on your own…


I completely understand


Hey I’m super busy too, so here’s what I’ve done…


I’ve created 5 highly effective 60 minute workout routines. The workouts are short, fast-paced and fun and they’ll have you looking better and feeling better in no time. You’ll Get the Body You Want in Less Time than It Takes to Watch Your Favorite TV Program.


We know not everyone is the same, so our fitness and fat loss solutions are specific to YOUR goals, YOUR body type and YOUR life.

  • Lose fat…
  • Get fit and toned…
  • Get FAST results…
  • Discover simple ways to make the right eating choices when dining out
  • Cut exercise time in half…
  • Discover little known secrets to maintaining your ideal weight… FOR LIFE!
  • Decrease stress…
  • Lose Fat in those annoying trouble spots…(yes, it can be done)
  • Have tons more energy…
  • Fire up your metabolism and burn massive amounts of fat 24 hrs a day
  • Feel great all the time in spite of hormones, hunger, and emotions…
  • Look more attractive…
  • Feel more confidence…
  • And Much, Much More!

Palangi Kickboxing Revew 1

And if you live in Bergen or Rockland County… and you’re looking for Kickboxing or “bootcamp style” classes that will make you lose weight, burn fat, and raise your metabolism… so that you can enjoy the benefits of having lean muscles, tighter abs, and a sense of increased energy… then this will be the most exciting source of information you can find on the entire internet!

My Palangi Kickboxing Classes have been proven to be the best way for adult men and women to lose body fat, and increase their metabolism… to the point where the average person can become a fat-burning machine! Palangi Kickboxing is geared to take you from your current level of fitness & flexibility to a level that will empower you to accomplish all of your goals. First, you will quickly notice an improvement in your level of energy and mental focus. Difficult or tiresome tasks will become a breeze.


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The second result will be superior physical fitness, self-confidence, stress-relief, weight loss, and an overall positive attitude about life. And most importantly, you’ll enjoy working out with motivated people that are positive, and goal-oriented.


My safe, and easy-to-follow style of instruction provides the best possible environment for you to become more physically fit; to develop both self-defense awareness and self-defense skill; to maintain a healthy, positive outlook… and to have a great time with other people who also enjoy these pursuits!



The Palangi Kickboxing program is based on three components. Our first component is Physical Fitness. At the adult level, we work on muscle strength and toning; regaining flexibility and coordination; and developing stamina.


These important fitness qualities will help you avoid illness; give you more energy as you go through your day; and more reserve at the end of the day, to do the things you enjoy doing! The Palangi Kickboxing program was developed by me, Master Scott Palangi, approximately 7 years ago. What makes my “Palangi Kickboxing” So Unique? And why does it work so well, and so fast for fitness?



After teaching and training in traditional Martial Arts for 25 years, I saw that the “traditional system” I learned growing up, just wasn’t ideal for adults… or for physical conditioning.


Meaning: There was too much unnecessary contact (especially at early stages of training)… too much wrote memorization… and simply too much potential for injury and not enough emphasis on fitness.


“Palangi Kickboxing” is the answer to many of the problems inherent in the so-called “traditional martial arts systems.” To succeed in Palangi Kickboxing – and achieve the body you’ve dreamed of – you don’t have to be a “physical genius”, nor must you have a ‘natural talent’ for martial arts, or, a coordinated body.


Our system doesn’t take long to learn either! In fact, usually within one or two sessions… you’re up and running; feeling and looking great! The best part is it’s both FUN to do… and… EFFECTIVE to know.


Over the past 9 years, I have really “worked it”, perfecting the class formats… and refining them… to make it perhaps the most successful, effective, and safest program of its kind in the world! My goal was to create a group class where: “You show up, your do what I say, and “BAM!” — you get the exact changes you’re looking for”.

Here's why it's the "perfect workout":

As I mentioned above, the primary focus and benefit of each Palangi Kickboxing class is Fitness. This means, our classes are designed to help you lose weight, build muscle, and transform your entire body without the boredom typically associated with “working out”.



Additionally, each class is designed to challenge your level of cardiovascular fitness and raise your level of cardiopulmonary conditioning to the point where other people in your age bracket will wonder how you do it! Remember all that energy you had as a youngster?


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Well, with this class… soon, you’ll have it back! You’ll feel less tired; you’ll get better sleep; and even “reset” your biological clock. Of course, none of this would be possible if it weren’t for the SAFETY element in all this! See, because you’re an adult… your body needs a workout that will raise your metabolism AND ALSO keep you injury-free (so you can keep on keeping on!) That’s why Palangi Kickboxing is designed to protect your knees, ankles, back and neck. There’s no bouncing, jumping, spinning, flying, or hard contact with other students in the class.


Palangi Kickboxing Revew 1


FACT: The workout that you enjoy doing most will be the one you stick with the easiest.


And when you stick to something, naturally, you get results. But it doesn’t stop there… Because we understand that our students have jobs, careers, families, and other responsibilities… we protect you from injury by creating a curriculum that considers the “adult” student’s needs. No more aches, pains, or joint troubles — 100% safe! The final element of Palangi Kickboxing is Education. Each class is also designed to challenge you intellectually. We realize that most people join our program mainly for fitness — and self-improvement… not to become fighters.


However, by teaching you “correct technique”, you’ll get a safer, better, and more exciting workout — and that’s what keeps you coming back! It’s like going on a mental journey every time you come to class; taking you away from the normal stress, strain, and aggravation often associated with a busy and successful life.


Kickboxing is, in-fact, a “Journey towards Self Perfection“. So, in one sense, by doing a workout that’s also “educational” you’ll always stay “into it” because our classes keep you focused, happy and challenged.


Get Started Now!


The last and perhaps the most important element of Palangi Kickboxing is Fun. There are lots of ways to get into shape. However, again, the workout you will do the longest and benefit from the most will be the one that you enjoy. And even though the moves you learn will be “fundamentals” (basic) we purposely “disguise” the repetitive elements… this way you’re skills become familiar to you… but never “boring.”


And unlike many other martial arts based programs, there is NEVER any negativity, sarcasm, or indifference in our classes. You will feel focused and stress-free… on a quest to be your personal best, while helping others (your training partners) achieve their goals as well!

So, lets say you’ve been with us for a few months… and… you’ve reached your health and fitness goals. Now what? Want to learn more? Maybe even teach? Perfect! We’re ready to teach you even more! You see, because what we do encompasses the “discipline” of martial arts as well as the actual “moves” from those arts, we also teach you to how to stay safe by using a common sense approach to protection.


This means learning self-defense techniques, self-defense strategy, and conflict resolution techniques. We also teach body language concepts to our students; Things related to body posture, the way you make eye contact, and the way you use your voice…

Things that are designed to give a student a confident appearance. A persona that communicates, “I am a nice person.” and, more importantly, “I am not the type of person you can shove around.” (Can you see why Palangi Kickboxing never becomes boring or unproductive? There’s just SO MUCH to learn — it never ends!)


Finally, our 3rd component, is actually the most popular… and the most powerful. We call it the lifestyle component:




This is where you begin to appreciate the attitude skills of Palangi Kickboxing, if you will: Mental qualities like self-control, self-confidence, positive thinking, communication skills, perseverance and mental toughness, courage, and the ability to set and reach powerful personal goals!

  • As our program helps you learn these skills, you will find yourself:
  • Improving your ability to get along with other people
  • Staying focused and motivated
  • Able to move outside your “comfort zone,” into the “achievement zone.”
  • Reducing you current level of stress

And, what makes it work, what holds all three parts together, is just that it’s so much fun! Our instructors are the most patient, motivating, and knowledgeable people you can find anywhere in the martial arts! And.. because our teaching style is based on respect and courtesy… you’ll never experience any of the nonsense commonly found in gyms or traditional martial arts schools that offer an “exercise” version of the real and official Palangi Kickboxing.

Palangi Kickboxing Revew 3

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Scott Palangi

Scott Palangi Founder of Palangi Kickboxing Serving Norwood NJ | Northvale NJ | Old Tappan NJ | Closter NJ | Tappan NY | Harrington Park NJ | Rockleigh NJ | Westwood NJ | Rivervale NJ | Orangeburg NY | Cresskill NJ | Tenafly NJ | Nyack NY | West Nyack NY | Piermont NY | Pearl River NY | Valley Cottage NY | Congers NY | Grandview on Hudson NY | Sherman Oaks, CA | Laguna Niguel, CA | Miami, FL | Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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6 Critical FACTS You Should Know BEFORE EVEN THINKING ABOUT joining a KICKBOXING GYM (or even copy-cat Health Clubs promising an “aerobics-version” of Palangi Kickboxing)

  1. The instructors should have real Kickboxing experience by way of competition and correct coaching; not some weekend certification by an aerobics organization.
  2. The training facility should have actual kickboxing equipment such as heavy bags, jump ropes, barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, power bands, focus mitts, kicking shields, etc.
  3. The kickboxing students should see results in 60 days or less.
  4. The workouts should change each week to prevent plateaus and boredom.
  5. The Classes (if you get to watch or experience) should have, both, FIT, and very UN-FIT people, participating, together. Meaning: the program should be “developmental”.  (97% of “kickboxing classes” are actually “clubs”; they are often times “elitist in nature”, etc.; catering to either fitness-divas, lifetime-jocks, or expert martial artists, and so on — [nothing "wrong" with that; but be on the lookout for SOCIAL PROOF that you "fit-in"... before believing that you'll "get fit." etc.]
  6. Finally, once you do get to “try before you buy”…. Each class should energize you with the desire to come back for more, period. (Otherwise you’ll become bored and unchallenged, faster than you can say CELLULITE!)

Wanna Know What Makes Palangi Kickboxing Different from Merely “joining a gym”, or an “Exercise Class”? Watch This:

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